Jay Jay French debuts Beatles column for Goldmine


Jay Jay French, well known as founding member, guitarist and manager of Twisted Sister, debuts his new Beatles column for Goldmine, “Now We’re 64!”

French is hardly a novice when it comes to being a magazine columnist or communicating his viewpoint. For starters, he is a motivational speaker and writes a business column for Inc. com.

“Goldmine has run many articles on my band Twisted Sister over the years,” French explains, “and Goldmine editor Patrick Prince knows that my favorite music topic — besides Twisted Sister, of course — is my endless fascination with everything Beatles. Now that I’ve turned 64 — how ironic — I have become a contributor to several publications that allow me to explore and comment on my passions, i.e., Inc.com (advice for entrepreneurs) Copper (an online audio magazine) as well as human interest and political stories for The Forward.

In 2014, Goldmine published a feature on French — “Get to know Jay Jay French, rock star and record collector.”  It became clear that French was one of the most obsessed Beatles collectors around and it intrigued the editors of Goldmine to reach out to him periodically to get more opinions on collecting The Beatles. It was only natural that eventually the idea for a regular Beatles column came up.

“Adding The Beatles to the list is really exciting for me,” says French. “Although it seems that everything that could be written about The Beatles has been, I believe that there are more stories to tell. More and unique ways to express how this ‘little rock and roll band’ managed to alter the 20th century. I want to thank Goldmine for the opportunity to turn this passion into print.”

“Now We’re 64!” will be published every other issue of Goldmine, starting with the April issue (on sale at Barnes & Noble until March 20).

Serendipity plays a role in how Jay Jay French collects records

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