Mr. Mister’s long-lost 4th album set for release

After a 20-year wait, legions of loyal Mr. Mister fans around the world are buzzing over news of the official release of PULL, the band’s previously unreleased fourth and final album from 1990. Subject of rumor and speculation for two decades (and shoddy, often partial bootlegs that have never done justice to the album’s pristinely crafted sound), PULL will finally be available at online retail in digital form starting November 23, 2010 through RCA/Legacy , a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT . Physical CD packages of PULL will be available exclusively at and

At the same time, two of Mr. Mister’s classic albums, originally released on RCA, will also be available at online retail in digital form starting November 23 through RCA/Legacy. Out-of-print in this country for at least 15 years, the two albums are: I Wear The Face (1984), the first Mr. Mister album, with their first Hot 100 chart single, “Hunters of the Night”; and Go On… (1987), the third album, with the Top 30 hit “Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)” and the Grammy nominated track, “Healing Waters.”

I Wear The Face and Go On… now rejoin Mr. Mister’s legendary second album, Welcome To the Real World, with the career-defining consecutive #1 singles, “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie.” A consistent RIAA platinum catalog best-seller, Welcome To the Real World also enjoyed high chart success after its 1985 release in Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and elsewhere.

As every fan of Mr. Mister knows, they evolved from the late-’70s Los Angeles-based group known as Pages, who released two albums on Epic Records. At the end of Pages’ run, three of the members – bassist Richard Page, keyboardist Steve George, and principal lyricist John Lang – joined with guitarist Steve Farris and drummer Pat Mastelotto to form Mr. Mister. The two Pages albums, which were once issued on CD in Japan, will now join the two Mr. Mister albums as part of this reissue campaign. The self titled Pages debut album of 1978, and Future Street of 1979, will be available at online retail in digital form November 23 through Epic/Legacy.

After a near decade and a half hiatus from the spotlight, Richard Page released a new solo album in 2010, Peculiar Life, and recently concluded the “11th All-Star Band Tour,” a two-month, 32-concert tour with Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Page joined a band that included Edgar Winter and Gary (“Dream Weaver”) Wright on keyboards, Rick Derringer and Wally Palmar (from the Romantics) on guitars, and Gregg Bisonette on [second] drums. Ringo graciously cameoed Page on “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie” as a nightly feature of the tour.

(The tour encompassed Ringo’s 70th birthday at Radio City in New York, including a surprise appearance by fellow Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, who sang “Birthday” from the White album. A gala party afterwards at the Rainbow Room was attended by Keith Richards and many other friends. Including Richard Page.)

Mr. Mister

PULL by Mr. Mister (RCA/Legacy 884977710908) Selections: 1. Learning To Crawl • 2. Waiting in My Dreams • 3. Crazy Boy • 4. Close Your Eyes • 5. Lifetime • 6. I Don’t Know Why • 7. We Belong To No One • 8. Burning Bridge • 9. No Words To Say • 10. Surrender • 11. Awaya.

I WEAR THE FACE by Mr. Mister (RCA/Legacy 884977702682,
originally issued in 1984, as RCA 4864) Selections: 1. Hunters of the Night • 2. Code of Love • 3. Partners in Crime • 4. 32 • 5. Runaway • 6. Talk the Talk • 7. I’ll Let You Drive • 8. I Get Lost Sometimes • 9. I Wear the Face • 10. Life Goes On.

GO ON… by Mr. Mister (RCA/Legacy 884977702255, originally issued in 1987, as RCA 6276) Selections: 1. Stand and Deliver • 2. Healing Waters • 3. Dust • 4. Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You) • 5. The Tube • 6. Bare My Soul • 7. Control • 8. Watching the World • 9. Power Over Me • 10. Man Of a Thousand Dances • 11. The Border.


PAGES by Pages (Epic/Legacy 884977709766, originally issued by Epic in 1978) Selections: 1. Clearly Kim • 2. This Is for the Girls • 3. Let It Go • 4. Listen for the Love • 5. Love Dance • 6. If I Saw You Again • 7. Interlude • 8. It’s Alright • 9. Room at the Top • 10. I Get It from You.

FUTURE STREET by Pages (Epic/Legacy 884977701753, originally issued by Epic in 1979) Selections: 1. I Do Believe in You • 2. The Sailor’s Song • 3. Take My Heart Away • 4. Future Street • 5. Who’s Right • 6. Chemistry • 7. Two People • 8. Keep on Movin’.

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Mister’s long-lost 4th album set for release

  1. Pages had 3 albums. Two of them (the first and 3rd) are simply titled “Pages”. The third was released in 1981 and it was on Capitol records (I guess epic dropped them after the low sales of Future street). The third album is at times definately nearer to Mr.Mister sound than either the debut album or future street (it basically introduces a more consistent flow of pop rock orientated songs, while at the same time the grooves of older pages are sure there and groovier than ever on the other half of the tracks). It’s a super cd, often heralded as their best of all 3, though i can’t personally try to select favorites when it comes to pages albums (they are masterpieces). No doubt they would like to see that 3rd album digitally leased for itunes etc though, but i can only imagine there must be issues of some sort given the label difference?? Anyhow, very nice piece, Thanks!!

  2. I became a huge Mr. Mister fan in 2008 after listening to the live recording that’s been up on

    I love “Welcome…”, “Go On” and “Pull” as well as the live recordings that I was able to collect. Not so crazy about “I Wear The Face”, although it has it’s great moments.

    These guys were special, combining prog, pop, hard rock and even jazzy improv elements. I just wish, they’d reunite for even just a couple of filmed shows but with Richard now drafted again to support Ringo Starr on tour (Ringo certainly knows what a talent he has with Richard) I doubt this will happen soon.

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