Farewell to these artists and industry innovators

Anita Pallenberg remembered

When Anita Pallenberg passed away at age 73 on June 13, all the majority of Anglo-American headline writers could think of were her ex-boyfriends, Keith and Brian.

Chris Cornell – In Memoriam

The music world was shocked by the sudden and unexpected death of Chris Cornell, at 52, who was in the middle of a tour with his band, Soundgarden.

Remembering David Peel

David Peel – died, April 6, 2017… in New York.  Where else? If you’re being painfully honest about it, there’s not much to be said for the Apple label’s non-Beatles output. A bunch of great singles, a few fine albums, the odd …

Bruce Rowland – 1939-2015

Bruce Rowland, who passed away last week, was one of the last great early seventies session men, the propulsion behind a stream of classic hits – and classic festivals, too; as a member of Joe Cocker’s Grease Band, that’s him …

Twinkle – Goodnight

She only had a couple of hits, but one of them remains among the most affecting of all the so-called “death songs” that clung to the charts in the early 1960.  Lynn “Twinkle” Ripley was just sixteen when “Terry” brought …