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Twinkle – Goodnight


She only had a couple of hits, but one of them remains among the most affecting of all the so-called “death songs” that clung to the charts in the early 1960.  Lynn “Twinkle” Ripley was just sixteen when “Terry” brought …

Popcorn, Profumo and the Croydon Municipal


In a world in which the legends of Nuggets, Rubble, Pebbles and Bam-Bam (come on.., someone has to do it sometime) long ago set the gold standard for on-going series of thematic compilations… in which Piccadilly Sunshine and Killed by …

Tracy Partridge – she made us happy


Suzanne Crough, who died on April 27 aged 52, was the little sister that America didn’t know it needed – but which it was certainly happy it had. While her four televisual siblings… Keith and Laurie, Danny and the Christophers… could …

Kickstarting the Luck of Eden Hall


Though it’s only six months since Spin Cycle last delved into the world of the Luck of Eden Hall, that was then and this is now.  Six months, after all, is a long time when your band never stops moving, …

The Bevis Frond – Past Times Ahead

Bevis Frond It just

With a new album approaching, and a (nearly) thirty year catalog’s worth of reissues on the wind, it’s a good, if somewhat expensive, time to be a Bevis Frond fan. There’s twenty-four albums out there already, plus a bucketload of …