Pandora celebrates 40th Anniversary of “Exodus” LP with Ziggy

Pandora celebrates the 40th anniversary of the iconic ‘Exodus’ album by Bob Marley with a Facebook live performance entitled ‘We Are The People – Live on LA’ from Ziggy Marley on Friday, June 9th at 12:00p.m. PT.

In an intimate studio setting with a full band, Ziggy Marley will perform songs from the ‘Exodus’ album paying homage to the legendary artist who pioneered the early reggae movement. The ‘We Are the People – Live on LA’ live stream event takes on the namesake of the debut single from Ziggy Marley’s self-titled sixth studio album and upcoming international concert tour beginning in July.

The ‘We Are the People – Live on LA’ tribute to Bob Marley can be viewed on the Bob Marley Facebook page. Pandora Premium listeners will have the opportunity to stream audio from the live event on the ‘Sounds Like Ziggy’ artist station.  The Ziggy Marley live concert event is the latest addition of exclusive content available on the  Pandora Premium subscription service.

Bob Marley: Rock Hall’s reggae legend

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