Whether free or not, are 44 songs by The Smashing Pumpkins much too much?

by Pat Prince

In the American spirit of super-sizing everything, Billy Corgan (aka The Smashing Pumpkins) is releasing an in-progress 44-song monster collectively called “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope.”

Maybe it’s a move to outdo KFC’s Double Down.

In December, The Smashing Pumpkins began releasing “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope,” via the internet, one song at a time for free (go to www.smashingpumpkins.com for the latest song “Astral Planes”). According to the band, 4-song physical EPs will be made available as the songs are released. First on the list is “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Volume 1: Songs For a Sailor.” It has an official release of May 25. This limited edition collectors EP will be packaged in a beautiful collector’s silk-screened wooden box. Each box will contain a 4-song CD, a vinyl 7″ and a hand-carved obelisk.

Yes, an obelisk.

The volume one EP (do I have to say the name again?) is the first in an eventual 11 EP’s to be sold in record stores. And fans can pre-order numero uno EP (exclusively in independent record stores) tomorrow on Record Store Day. Upon pre-order each buyer will receive a collector’s edition Smashing Pumpkins black light poster, while supplies last.

Why the special offer. Billy loves Record Store Day:

“I used to work at an indie record shop so I’ll always have a soft spot for the places where I still go to find the most vital music, whether new or still hidden.”

We didn’t get the chance to ask Billy what the hell the name “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope Volume 1: Song For a Sailor” means, but the songs (so far) sound pretty good. Check out some samples on the Smashing Pumpkins embedded player on the bottom right. Corgan called the work “atmospheric, melodic, heavy, and pretty.”

Good thing the music comes in installments. 44 songs at once would be overwhelming (to say the least). The smart thing is releasing songs a little at a time. It’s a novel idea. And the way Corgan wraps it up with collector EPs is pretty darn cool.

It all makes sense in moderation.

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