Who came out on top in the Beatles vs. Stones Battle of the Bands?

Beatles Vs Stones Battle Of The BandsFor the past seven weeks,  the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World” and The Fab Four have gone head to head in Goldmine’s first Battle of The Bands online poll.

The winner is …. drumroll, please, Ringo and Charlie … The Beatles! The Fab Four won the battles four of the seven weeks. When we tallied up all the votes from all seven weeks, the Fab Four also came out on top, though not by as much as you’d think (54 percent vs The Stones’ 46 percent). Add in the semi-insulting question asking which band is more overhyped — voters gave that dubious honor to The Stones — and it’s a clear victory in Goldmine voters’ hearts for The Fab Four.

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Here’s how you voted (with the battle winner marked in red):

Better Live act:
Beatles: 36%
Stones: 64%

Better in the studio:
Beatles: 86%
Stones: 14%

Better lead guitarist:
Beatles (George Harrison): 57%
Stones (Keith Richards): 43%

Hookier guitar riffs and lyrics:
Beatles: 70%
Stones: 30%

Better, more iconic logo:
Beatles (text logo): 39%
Stones (lips and tongue): 61%

More overhyped:
Beatles: 71%
Stones: 29%

Better all-around drummer:
Beatles (Ringo Starr): 58%
Stones (Charlie Watts): 42%

3 thoughts on “Who came out on top in the Beatles vs. Stones Battle of the Bands?

  1. This is a long running battle. I remember back in 65 or 66 a local radio station did a weekend call in battle between the Beatles and Stones with hourly updates. My friend and I spent the whole weekend following the battle ane voting frequently for the stones. Alas, they came in second then also. Here’s to the battle continueing and the Stones being the last band standing

  2. Well? Gosh oh DARN ! Tough call on this one, but honestly? Never been a better live album than “Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out” Just incredible, For a “LIVE” performance, the Beatles never held a candle ANYWHERE NEAR the STONES! Plus, I’ve “WORN OUT” way more Stones LP’s than my Beatles collection! Plus PLUS! The STONES are STILL “given er” That in itself sez A LOT about the stamina and perseverence about Mick and Keith and the other LAD’S!

  3. Love both bands-comparisons are odious.They were really very different, but both great.
    Just one point-Ringo a better drummer than Chawlie?
    You cannot be serious!

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