Album Review ? Chicken Shack: Stan Would Rather Go Live

Back in a day-glo age, Chicken Shack clucked up the U.K. chart with its pure British blues sound. Decades passed, but the Shack remained, regularly re-opened by the band’s founding member, Stan Webb, whose vision has never altered or faltered.

He and his current flock of Chickens were captured live on tape and film for the two-disc CD/DVD Stan Would Rather Go Live set. Trotting out their hits, blues standards (some of which Shack made their own long ago), and a few surprises (a seething cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt”), this was a night to remember.

There’s a basket full of highlights within — “The Thrill Has Gone”’s gorgeous guitar work, “Spoonful”’s heaping helping of fiery leads, the psychedelic garb draped over “The Daughter of the Hillside,” “I Know You Know Me”’s joyful boogying, and “Reconsider Baby”’s flounce of languorous R&B, for starters.

Webb’s phenomenal, lead guitarist Gary Davies smokes, and the rhythm section is solid as Gibraltar, as fans can see and hear for themselves. A stunning show in both formats.

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