Album review of Nektar’s ‘Time Machine’

“Time Machine”
Purple Pyramid Records (CLP-0044)

By Patrick Prince
It has been about five years since Nektar released its last studio album. But it feels like 35. That’s because Nektar’s last important album was released deep in the 1970s.

Nektar Time MachineA little round, red sticker on the jewel case of “Time Machine” sports a quote from founding member, guitarist and vocalist Roye Albrighton: “By far the best album we have ever made.” If only that were the case. The musicianship on “Time Machine” is solid, but the songwriting pales in comparison to a Nektar staple like “Remember the Future.”

There’s some nice stuff recorded on “Time Machine.” “If Only I Could,” for one, is an energetic exorcism that could have been an outtake from Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” And “Juggernaught,” with it’s sinewy guitar lick, is as lively as any composition the band has written. There are also some genuinely inspiring guitar leads seared throughout.

But it doesn’t make the strangely-titled “Time Machine” interesting enough. The band’s fans seem more excited about Nektar performing “Remember the Future” on its recent tour. For many, that is truly the time machine they rather take.

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