Album review of Megadeth’s ‘Thirteen’ (aka ‘Th1rt3en)

By Patrick Prince

Roadrunner Records
Dave Mustaine did not get the Grammy he desired for ‘Th1rt32n.’ But to Megadeth fans, winning a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance is about as important as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination. Fans know better than industry insiders. Megadeth’s “TH1RT3EN” was most likely the best hard rock/metal album released last year.Megadeth Thirteen

If “TH1RT3EN” (the band’s 13th studio album) has become the lucky rabbit’s foot, the return of original bassist David Ellefson is the magic elixir. Ellefson was involved in Megadeth’s greatest achievements and, quite frankly, the band has not sounded this good since his departure. On “TH1RT3EN,” the band stretches its muscles with thrash and power metal but traditional metal songs top the track list. “We The People” and “Deadly Nightshade” are gems of a rejuvenated genre.

And whoever said that metal lyrics are limited to the Spinal Tap variety? Dave Mustaine is a bit of conspiracy freak and a doomsday believer, but his lyrics are, at the very least, provocative. No dumb dungeons and dragons dreck here. Mustaine will give you metal lyrics to think about, from the confessional “13” to the aforementioned, rabble-rousing “We The People.”

When all is said and done, “TH1RT3EN” should be remembered in the same Mega-breath as the classic “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?” No doubt about it.

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