Album review of Rory Gallagher’s ‘Jinx’ reissue

Rory Gallagher

By Martin Popoff

Eagle’s Rory Gallagher reissue program continues with this solid, overlooked album from 1982, the follow-up to the flashier and more expensive-sounding “Top Priority” from ’79 (in between was “Stagestruck,” Rory’s third live album). On this one, he sounds a bit more laid-back, not writing as metallically, but still infusing various blues-rock ideas with a lot of electricity and energy.

Rory Gallagher JinxA comparable act would be Status Quo, as both find ways to riff melodically and yet with considerable heaviness around barroom rock ’n’ roll of blues and boogie inclination. Foghat, tripping into the ’80s, tilled some of that same terrain.

Value is added through track-by-track liner notes by Rory’s brother, Donal Gallagher, and a non-LP bonus, ‘Lonely Mile,’ which swaggers like a muscular Stones song as Rory massages in acoustic guitar and harmonica with the electric, over a killer groove from bassist Gerry McAvoy and new drummer Brendan O’Neill. Highlights, however, are opening rockers “Big Guns” and “Bourbon.” Jinx sounds best when Rory utilizes his crack band for a collective head of steam.

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