Album review of The Clutch’s ‘Blast Tyrant’

By Martin Popoff

The Clutch
Blast Tyrant
Weathermaker (EVB333849)

OK, this album is one of the great records of the last 20 years, that is, if you like groovy, retro stoner rock with brains. Seriously, I say that, because many might not care in such a fragmented world. But y’know, screw it, because you can expand to appreciators of good music, given how much “rawk” chemistry there is in the precious band.

Clutch Blast Tyrant albumAnyway, what we’re talking here is a deluxe reissue of an album only seven years old, and the art was pretty cool to begin with. But here you go: There’s a cardboard oversleeve with foil stamping, the booklet is expanded to include Neil’s lyrics, and let me tell you, he’s one of the best in the biz.

Finally, most materially, there’s a second disc known as “Basket Of Eggs,” 10 tracks and 40 minutes of (five) casual acoustic versions of catalog tracks, but full band, including bass and even keyboards, plus five “Polar Bear Lair” demos, some of which became “Blast Tyrant” corkers. Frankly, its crotchety porch rock withers next to the hi-fi majesty of “Blast Tyrant,” but what doesn’t?

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