Album review of Trixter’s ‘New Audio Machine’

“New Audio Machine”
Frontiers Records

By Michael Popke

Add Trixter to the growing list of melodic hard-rock bands — one that already includes Night Ranger, Mr. Big and Tyketto — making comebacks via Frontiers Records.

Trixter New Audio MachineThe New Jersey group first called it quits in 1995 but has been touring off and on with the original lineup since 2007. “New Audio Machine,” the band’s first studio album since 1992, is a throwback to simpler times.

Indeed, it opens with “Drag Me Down,” a track similar to Trixter’s big 1990 single “Give It to Me Good” — complete with an aggressive acoustic guitar and a “nah-nah-nah” chorus — before transforming into a muscular blues-rocker, and the big riffs and low bottoms on “Dirty Love” and “Ride” sound like something straight outta the waning pre-Nirvana days. “The Coolest Thing” and “Live for the Day” fill the obligatory power-ballad slots, but a dumb, horn-dog song like “Physical Attraction” suggests why bands like Trixter may have faded in the first place.

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