Album review of Tyketto’s ‘Dig In Deep’

“Dig In Deep” (CD)
Frontiers Records

By Michael Popke

Tyketto’s debut album, 1991’s “Don’t Come Easy,” remains a cult classic among aficionados of melodic hard rock. But the band – which replaced original vocalist Danny Vaughn with future Journey singer Steve Augeri in the mid-1990s – eventually fell prey to grunge and split by 1996.

Tyketto Dig in DeepA series of reunions with all four original members began in 2004 and eventually laid the groundwork for “Dig in Deep,” Tyketto’s first album of new material in 18 years from Vaughn (who’s voice hasn’t aged), guitarist Brooke St. James, bassist Jimi Kennedy and drummer Michael Clayton.

Plenty of parallels between “Don’t Come Easy” and “Dig In Deep” can be drawn – from tough rockers about never giving up (“The Fight Left In Me” and the title track) to bittersweet ballads (“Here’s Hoping It Hurts,” “Monday” and “This Is How We Say Goodbye”).

Tyketto has somehow managed to sound contemporary without forsaking its past.


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