Album review of Tesla’s ‘Simplicity’

Frontiers Records (Europe)/Tesla Electric Company Recording (US)

By Pat Prince

With “Simplicity,” Tesla achieves what Aerosmith no longer can; it produces perfectly biting, raucous hard rock — right in the nuts, so to speak.

Tesla Simplicity Frontiers RecordsWhile Aerosmith seems more concerned with the ears and dollars of the “American Idol” crowd these days, Tesla reaches for traditionalists who like their rock ‘n’ roll pure and powerful.

Go right to rock ‘n’ roll ear-ringers such as “Ricochet” and “So Divine …,” or the gradually explosive “Time Bomb.” Every song delivers on “Simplicity.” Jeff Keith’s raspy vocals are made for all things loud and proud, and the interestingly-penned lyrics and hard-rocking instrumentals kick it up another notch.

Yes, Tesla certainly went for simplicity on this album; even the straightforward black and white album cover art helps to share that message. But this turn-it-up-to-11, no-dubs, one-take, live approach pays off nicely for the band.

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