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Status Quo – the Frantic Four Forever!


As big deals go, this was a whopper.  The classic Status Quo line-up, the Frantic Four of early-mid 1970s fury and… okay, lesser returns in the years that followed… broke up in 1981 when drummer John Coghlan bade a very …

King Crimson – the Rocking Road to Red


With Behemothic box sets now the order of the day, and even albums you’ve never been that crazy about meriting multi-disc packages that scream “buy me” when you sight them, there has never been a better time to be a …

Hawkwind – scaling rock’s greatest family tree

hawkwind_spacehawks_cover 72dpi

Reviewing what was then Hawkwind’s latest single, back in the late 1970s, the English New Musical Express responded to its title “25 Years” by asking “have they really been going that long?”  They hadn’t.  But today, the intrepid spacemen have …

Roy Harper – Man, Myth and Magnificent


Roy Harper has often been referred to as an acquired taste.  A distinctly unique voice, a peculiarly individual sense of melody, a refusal to be bound to any of the strictures that would normally be associated with a late 60s …