Beady Eye provide NYC with a great view of their post-Oasis musical future

Beady Eye played a very impressive, rocking show at NYC’s Webster Hall on Thursday, June 23rd. (Photo by Steve Gullick.)

By John Curley 

When Noel Gallagher walked away from Oasis in August 2009, many fans doubted that the band could survive without him. While the Oasis name was retired with Noel Gallagher’s departure, his younger brother Liam and the remaining members of Oasis decided to remain together and carry on under a new name. While the wisdom of their choice of a new band moniker—Beady Eye—could be debated for quite some time, the music that they make is quite impressive. They rock, and have picked up right where Oasis left off.

Beady Eye consists of the entire final version of Oasis minus Noel Gallagher. Liam Gallagher is on lead vocals, Andy Bell and Gem Archer are the guitarists (Bell played bass in Oasis), and Chris Sharrock is on drums. On the road, the band is accompanied by bassist Jeff Wootton and keyboardist Matt Jones. It is somewhat interesting that Bell, Archer, and Sharrock have decided to play with Liam Gallagher since it was brother Noel who recruited all of them for Oasis. 

Following a well-received debut tour in their native UK, Beady Eye have come to North America to show those of us on this side of the pond that they are still quite capable of putting on a very enjoyable live show. Their tour hit New York City’s Webster Hall on the evening of Thursday, June 23rd, and in what was a hot, sweaty, and absolutely packed, sold-out venue, Beady Eye delivered a show that left the raucous crowd quite pleased. 

At the start of the show Liam swaggered onstage, as usual, along with the rest of the band, and they immediately exploded into a searing version of “Four Letter Word,” the lead track from their debut album. The crowd loved it, roaring their approval from start to finish. There seemed to be many in the crowd from the UK, and they made their presence known with chants of “Liam! Liam! Liam!” between every song. The crowd was so loud throughout the show that it was impossible to hear what Liam was saying between songs. Liam appeared to be seriously annoyed by someone in the crowd at one point in the show, conferring with Gem Archer about it and then saying something that was drowned out by the crowd. But his introduction to the next song, which was “Standing On The Edge Of The Noise,” was loud and clear. Liam, glaring at the offensive audience member, said “This song is ‘Standing On The F—in’ Edge.’ ” The tension even added more edge to the song. Beady Eye then played a killer version of the tune. 

Beady Eye played every song from their Different Gear Still Speeding album as well as “Man Of Misery,” a track that is on the iTunes version of the album. The show closed with a blistering cover of World of Twist’s “Sons Of The Stage.” 

While it is impossible to tell how well Beady Eye would have been received had the members not been in a monolithic band like Oasis, they are a worthwhile band. Their album is quite good and they are even better in concert. Beady Eye’s fans certainly are every bit as enthusiastic as Oasis’ following. 

Beady Eye played for 75 minutes at Webster Hall. Their main set consisted of 14 songs and was followed by a two-song encore. 

Beady Eye’s North American shows conclude tonight with a concert in Philadelphia. 

The set list was as follows: 

Four Letter Word
Beatles And Stones
Two Of A Kind
For Anyone
The Roller
Wind Up Dream
Bring The Light
Standing On The Edge Of The Noise
Kill For A Dream
Three Ring Circus
The Beat Goes On
Man Of Misery
The Morning Sun

Sons Of The Stage

One thought on “Beady Eye provide NYC with a great view of their post-Oasis musical future

  1. #1 That fact Noel recruited the band would be a non factor for anyone who thought ” Go ahead and walk , I’m staying”
    #2 It’s a safe bet the offending audience member was screaming Oasis requests , SUPER ANNOYING for people sick of the boss who walked and not about to live off the past.
    Brings to mind a Todd Rundgren show I saw . NEW albun was the focus of the show and between song patter was getting drowned out by a clown in the front row screaming for worn out oldies. Finally Todd had HAD ENOUGH walked over and squatted so he was right in his face, and introduced himself REAL chummy like. Then he said ” Can I tell you a secret , just between you and me ?” guy says sure. Todd whispers in his ear (But into the mike , so its not secret at all :D)
    ” I really don’t give a fuck what you want to hear” Too Funny!

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