“Classic Albums” series shows Rush’s enduring appeal

Classic Albums
Rush: 2112 & Moving Pictures
Eagle Vision (EV302969)

By Michael Popke

After 42 years, Rush remains one of North America’s few rock bands that can consistently pack arenas and amphitheaters. As one of the latest titles in the award-winning “Classic Albums” series attests, the Canadian trio continues to thrive, in large part, because of the enduring appeal of 1976’s “2112” and 1981’s “Moving Pictures.” Guitarist Alex Lifeson calls “2112” – the band’s fourth album – “the first record that we made where we sounded like Rush,” while fan favorite “Moving Pictures” proved the band was willing to acknowledge changing musical landscapes with nods to reggae and New Wave.

As with all “Classic Albums” DVDs, this one includes new interviews with band members, producers and other interested parties, plus in-studio performances, archival footage and effective use of original multi-track tapes. An additional 54 bonus minutes digs even deeper.

About the only thing missing is Rush’s signature sense of humor.

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