Delain enlighten female-fronted symphonic metal movement

Sensory (SR3053)
Grade: ***

By Michael Popke

The female-fronted symphonic-metal movement — propelled by the likes of Nightwish and Within Temptation — may have lost some of its luster in the wake of so many copycat bands. But some still manage to cast their spell, as Dutch newcomers Delain proved last year with April Rain, an epic, engrossing album with gothic undertones whose roots were sewn on Lucidity.

Delain’s 2006 debut, now available in North America, reveals the band as a work in progress featuring several key players from Europe’s chick-centric symphonic-metal scene, including keyboardist Martijn Westerholt (Within Temptation), bassist Marco Hietala (Nightwish), guitarist Ad Sluijter (Epica), and vocalists Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Liv Kristine (Leave’s Eyes). But it was then-unknown sweet-voiced singer Charlotte Wessels who eventually became Delain’s frontwoman. Wessels sings several songs on Lucidity, although April Rain is the stronger album.

Delain will make its North American live debut at Atlanta’s ProgPower USA in September.

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2 thoughts on “Delain enlighten female-fronted symphonic metal movement

  1. Funny that the writer does not consider Delain a “copycat band” of Within Temptation, given that some of the band’s founding members came from Within Temptation. Also, while I like April Rain, I would definitely argue that Lucidity is the stronger of the band’s 2 albums.

  2. I really like Delain but to April Rain is better then Lucidity, I would beg to differ. I love Charlotte’s vocals on both “Frozen” and “See me I shadow” (an amazing ballad). The song “The Gathering” is almost inspirational.

    April Rain I like but I don’t think I like it quite as well and seems to me to be a bit more formula based. There are a couple songs that break the mold in April Rain that are great and the mold songs are good too. But Lucidity has a magic that I can’t quite pinpoint but it is indeed a great CD whether you like symphonic metal or not (they are not typical in many ways to there peers..esp Charlotte’s vocals..while the other girls are usually sopranos..she is an alto and has the most beautiful and easy to identify voice I’ve heard in years.

    Rip off band no…3rd generation symphonic/gothic metal maybe. The music is still morphing as metal often does. Generally it is difficult for me to classify these types of band as metal…but it really doesn’t matter, they are fun to listen too. Delain is one the best ones.

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