DVD review of Stone Temple PIlots’ ‘Alive In The Windy City’

By Patrick Prince

Stone Temple Pilots
Alive in the Windy City
Eagle Rock

STP picked a good concert to represent the band live. Not only is the band at its reunited best but the DVD is filmed in state-of-the-art high-definition and recorded in what is advertised as “DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM Stereo.” Whatever it is, it sure sounds good.

Stone Temple Pilots Alive In The Windy City concert DVD“Wicked Garder,” with its ballsy riff and A-plus vocal delivery may be the best performance of this sold out Chicago gig in March of 2010. However, STP tops that with the back-to-back full power tilt of hits “Sex Type Thing” and “Dead and Bloated.” Simply intense. Full-of-life modern rock captured in all its glory on DVD.

STP always succeeded at mixing the Nirvana aesthetic with hard rock/metal guidelines. That success continued with newer songs like “Between the Lines” off their 2010 self-titled reunion album. But STP were more than grunge followers — and, “Hickory Dichotomy,” off the same 2010 album, is a tip of the cap to ’70s glam rock with its supreme Bowie-esque feel.

This is a DVD release that will please die-hards and greatest hits slackers alike. Stone Temple Pilots are still a damn good band. And this is 92 minutes of edgy, rock and roll bliss.

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