The Fratellis charm with ‘Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied’

fratellis-2015The Fratellis
“Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied”
Cooking Vinyl/MRI
3 stars

By Patrick Prince

Upon hearing the first notes of “Me and the Devil” you might start to wonder if this is The Fratellis ‘dark’ album, much like “Gimme Fiction“ was Spoon’s. But that is apparently not the case, especially when you get right to the Americana-sounding “Impostors (Little By Little)” next. Furthermore, “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me“ is a charmer in a Wings sort of way, with the dramatic flourish of a Meat Loaf song. And “Thief” is ‘90s Britpop with an ear towards a contemporary Top 40 feel. “Thief” should be the future single, even if the band doesn’t know it yet (the album is to be released in August).

Nothing impresses as much as the tunes on “Costello Music” — a power pop masterpiece of a debut LP — but “Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied” is durable, determined and, for the most part, a downright pleasure to listen to.

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