Here's What You Said: More of the Rock Hall's missed inductees

We asked Goldmine readers to let us know which artists have been overlooked for induction by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Following is the latest batch of e-mails and letters we have received.

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Why aren’t these people in the Rock Hall of Shame?

Moody Blues — Quite simply the greatest group when it comes to innovations, right up there with the Beatles.

Neil Diamond — His not being enshrined is a travesty and casts doubt upon the sanity of those doing the voting.

The Hollies — Still together, just like the Moody Blues, and a major influence on so many Brit-pop groups of the ‘60’s that there’s no way they could all be listed.

The Guess Who — The best from Canada, but they may as well be from the moon.

Johnny Hallyday — The greatest French rock and roller since he started in the late 1950s, his absence proves rock apparently isn’t a universal language.

The Dave Clark 5 — Maybe this will be their year. Probably not, though. They’ll probably get bypassed for someone that no one ever heard of.

KISS — Just to prove this is a totally unbiased list. I can’t stand these guys — think they’re horrible — but their influence can’t be denied.

Alice Cooper — I’d put Alice in the same category as groups such as Tommy James and the Shondells and Herman’s Hermits — a good case could be made for them, but……

patbooneguitar.jpg— Richard West

Live Oak, Texas

My picks would be…..
Iggy & The Stooges, The New York Dolls, The Raspberries, The Runaways, and The Chesterfield Kings, and I know it probably isn’t going to happen for any one of them.

Too bad there isn’t another place for the artists who should be honored but aren’t going to be in “The Rock Hall” as we know it now.
The whole thing’s just sad.

— Amy Lake
via e-mail

John Kay and Steppenwolf had the anthem of a generation, “Born to be Wild.“ They just finished their 40th an

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