Here's What You Said: Rock Hall's Missed Inductees

We asked Goldmine readers to let us know which artists have been overlooked for induction by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Following are some of letters we have received.

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What groups made the cut with the Rock Hall? Click here for the final list of inductees!


I want my favorite group, The Dave Clark Five, inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for the following reasons: They were the first musical group to use the “big wall of sound.” They saved the sound of the saxophone from disappearing from the music scene of the mid-1960s.

— Richard Adams
Goffstown, N.H.


— Jimi LaLumia, via e-mail

I think YES has been the most unfairly snubbed band. It’s unbelievable how many lesser-known, lesser-talented and lesser-accomplished acts have been enshrined.
To me, the HOF is a sham, a joke, and not worthy of any real consideration anymore.

— J. Durst, via e-mail

The R&R Hall Of Fame is missing: DONOVAN!! It’s a mystery to me why they have overlooked him and his beautiful music!!

— Sue Cornell, via e-mail

Jann Wenner and the nominating committee have basically rewritten the history of rock music so that it is attractive to a VH-1 audience when they air the annual induction ceremony.
I could not agree more with respect to the Dave Clark 5 and The Moody Blues. Also, let’s not forget Johnny Rivers, whose music embodies the very essence of what rock ‘n’ roll is all about.
Also, Three Dog Night and Chicago, two of the supergroups of the ‘70s, have incredulously been overlooked.
I have been to the Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland. However, everyone tells me that Memphis is the place to visit if you are interested in the “real” history of rock.

 — Mark Stitz, Bronx, N.Y., via e-mail

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