‘Hoodoo’ rehabilitates classic Krokus lineup

Sony/RED (B00332DJP0)

By Martin Popoff

Already firing on all guns with 2006’s “Hellraiser,” Marc Storace raises the ante and rehabilitates the band’s classic lineup for a record that is rock-solid but easily digestible, and even a little unexpected in its clean sheen and simplicity. It’s almost as if egos and backbench brawls have been put aside within the band and between the band and its competitors for relevance in a much heavier modern day.

“Hoodoo” is like a protooled “One Vice At A Time,” a near Great White-meets-Status Quo head-nodding churn of heavy party boogie that goes straight for the booze cabinet — but after a guilt-dissipating workout. The bad hair-metal years aren’t addressed, nor is the Priest-emulating “Headhunter” era. No, “Hoodoo” is a celebration of that thing Krokus hammered away at in all the records before, but now it’s smart, direct, sort of “Ballbreaker” / “Point Of Entry”-ish, and fabulously loveable track after track. Much of the rest is pure AC/DC worship, less impressive because it’s charmingly unambitious, but with Krokus, that’s close comfort and home cooking.

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