Kings of Leon finding their throne with new album

Kings of Leon
“Come Around Sundown”

By Karl Amalia

Following the commercial success of their 2008 album “Only by the Night,” Kings of Leon have graciously accepted their ascent into rock heaven. Bashed by die-hards who claim their music has gone too mainstream, KOL may have found a way to bring back those fans with “Come Around Sundown.”

“Come Around Sundown,” released Oct.19, is the band’s fifth album in five years, and is a clear indication that they mean business. Besides the backlash from the previous album not bringing the southern rock sound, KOL delivers mature and unyielding music that makes this new album stand out.

Off the bat, the first track, “The End,” brings back what you couldn’t really notice on the last album: Caleb Followill’s real voice. Followill delivers in every line of this song. The following track, and current single, “Radioactive” brings a familiar sound with its infectious chorus and upbeat guitar playing. And “Mary” is something that comes straight out of left field considering what KOL have previously done. It hooks the listener with soulful doo wop and a smooth saxophone, like something out of an episode of Happy Days. Songs like this are a testament to what KOL can do with their sound.

“Come Around Sundown” is a clever and unique album. Its combination of soul and rock will definitely bring back its fans who once doubted them.

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2 thoughts on “Kings of Leon finding their throne with new album

  1. I don’t really agree. Upon my first listen of this album I felt that it sounds too similar to their last, which was disappointing. The group has still not lived up to the greatness of it’s first three albums. I think they still have a great one in them, so I will wait for the next. I’ m sure this album will grow on me but not as much as their first couple of efforts. So, we will see if they continue down this path or will they really do something special on their next disc? I hope so.

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