Klaxons give terrific performance at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom

By John Curley 

The English alt-rock new-rave band Klaxons just played three shows in the New York City metropolitan area in support of their second album, which is titled Surfing The Void. I must admit that I was a bit lukewarm on the new album (apart from the excellent lead single, “Echoes”), but seeing the new material performed live at Klaxons’ show at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom on Monday, September 20th has changed my mind. Klaxons are a fantastic live band, and are definitely worth checking out in concert. 

Following a well-received set by the Los Angeles-based techno duo Baby Monster, Klaxons took the stage and tore into “Flashover” from the new album. I’d never seen Klaxons live before and was immediately impressed with them. The majority of the crowd, though, was curiously lifeless for about the first half of the show. (Perhaps the show being on a Monday night had something to do with that?) That was a bit strange, since NYC crowds are usually quite raucous. The crowd did liven up as the show went on, but it must have been somewhat frustrating for Klaxons to give 100 percent on stage and get so little back from the crowd. 

Klaxons were onstage for 65 minutes, playing a 13-song main set and two-song encore. “Gravity’s Rainbow,” “Echoes,” and “Atlantis To Interzone,” in particular, sounded great live. Klaxons touring band features the four core members—Jamie Reynolds, James Righton, Simon Taylor-Davis, and Steffan Halperin—as well as an additional keyboard player. 

Klaxons new album was a long time in the making. An album’s worth of material was actually scrapped before the band came up with what is now the Surfing The Void album. The band was under a considerable amount of pressure with this second album because their debut album, Myths Of The Near Future, won the 2007 Mercury Prize. But now that the new album has been released and Klaxons are back on the road, they can concentrate on putting on fantastic live shows. It was a treat to get to see a band as talented as Klaxons at a smallish venue like the Bowery Ballroom. 

Klaxons will be touring North America through October 9th. Tour dates can be found on their MySpace page. 

Klaxons’ set at their September 20th show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City was as follows: 

As Above, So Below
The Same Space
Gravity’s Rainbow
Golden Skans
Twin Flames
Two Receivers
Valley Of The Calm Trees
Future Memories
It’s Not Over Yet

Surfing The Void
Atlantis To Interzone

Klaxons promoted their new album, Surfing The Void, with an excellent show at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom on Monday, September 20th.

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