New John Lennon book combines both memories and memorabilia

John Lennon: Life Is What Happens, Music, Memories & Memorabilia
Krause Publications, 978-1-4402-1391-5
Paperback, 256 pages, $26.99

By  Susan Sliwicki

This year, when John Lennon-themed everything seems to be de rigueur, “John Lennon: Life Is What Happens, Music, Memories & Memorabilia” offers a fresh take on an oft-explored topic.

The book serves up an interesting mix stories, sidebars and quotes from Lennon and those he influenced; photos and listing information for Lennon and Beatles-related collectibles; and a running narrative that walks the reader through Lennon’s life. It’s very easy to get caught up in one element or another and miss goodies the first time through.

Of course, that’s part of what makes it a pleasurable read. Even if Lennon’s life story is as familiar to you as your own, there are new avenues to visit here.

The book divides Lennon’s life up into six key segments: Beginnings, Beatlemania, Experimentation, Changes, Solo and Home. Borack’s writing is engaging and conversational, and the pages fly by before you know it.

Although the book is a paperback as opposed to a hardcover coffee-table book, it has some upscale features, including French flaps; thick, glossy paper; and a lay-flat spine, which makes it much easier to enjoy all of the photos shown within the book.

An index helps you find other artists of interest you either may have missed or want to seek out. However, the alphabetized index is like an iTunes playlist, in that it seizes upon the first name, not the last, which may be a bit of an adjustment for more traditional book readers.

“John Lennon: Life is What Happens Music, Memories & Memorabilia” is now available at our bookstore now by clicking here

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