OK Go is catchy, often irresistible, with new album

“Of The Blue Colour Of The Sk”y
Grade: ★★★★

OK Go’s third studio album in nine years (besides six EPs and a live album) is all jangled edges and syncopated surprises.

Using Prince as a diving board for its pool of eccentricities (think Pixies or Cars on funk steroids), it’s a heady brew — catchy, often irresistible, with vocals coming from somewhere out in space, or over the telephone or out from the end of a long cylindrical tube, altered, confused and synthed-up.

On “Skyscrapers,” lead singer Damian Kulash gets all James Brown on us, yet at the height of his passion, he shuts up quick, leaving guitarist Andrew Duncan to take the tune home with some nifty noodling over a fractured stilted beat. Fans of early Talking Heads might go gaga for this pastiche of oddball sound, angular fuzz-tone awkwardness and wah-wah weirdness.

— Mike Greenblatt

One thought on “OK Go is catchy, often irresistible, with new album

  1. OK Go’s latest CD totally shows what the boys hv been up to for the past 5 yrs since the release of their last CD, Oh No. I love how you can really tell they’ve matured from their first release OK Go to Oh No and now to OTBCOTS. These boys really deserve more credit for their amazing work!

    P.S. their guitarist is now Andy Ross – Andy Duncan was replaced right after Oh No was recorded.

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