Phil ‘Fang’ Volk covers Dylan classic

By Pat Prince

Phil ‘Fang’ Volk, known as the spirited bass player for Paul Revere & The Raiders, has independently released a cover of Bob Dylan’s enormously popular hit “The Times They Are a-Changin'” as a single.

The rendition is electric and hard-driving (what else would you expect from a rock ‘n’ roll bassist?) as the times we now live in. Volk adds a bit of 2011 to a timeless classic. Nothing can beat the Dylan original, but this energetic take adds to a message with a raw John Mellencamp-ish flair.

With this release, Volk wanted to make a statement about, what he calls, a “planet in transition.”

As notes to the single, Volk writes “A SONG FOR A WORLD IN TURMOIL. Never before has humanity teetered with such instability, facing a future with incredible fear & uncertainty.” Volk sees this as a “battle cry” for all those who stand ready to see things change for the better. Coincidentally, Volk released the CD on May 1, the same day that Osama Bin Laden, a proponent of such fear, was declared dead.

In addition, the track runs 5:24, a deliberate song length to honor Dylan’s 70th birthday this year on May 24.

A full album will follow from Volk. His band consists of Ken Kirby on Guitar, Fred Schreuders on guitar, Jamie Leasing on keyboards, George Clark on drums, and Volk on bass and lead vocal.

In the meantime, the new single of “The Times They Are a-Changin'” can be purchased here.

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3 thoughts on “Phil ‘Fang’ Volk covers Dylan classic

  1. The single rocks. Glad there is still rock n roll! The version sounds like it could be by Springsteen — wish there were radio stations that would play such a high energy pure r & r recording. Congrats Mr. Volk.

  2. I love the reference to a “raw John Mellencamphish flair”. I have been a long time fan of John’s music; Phil could certainly add that flair, as well as his own special style. I enjoyed this article; can’t wait to get the new release! Phil has only grown better in him musical abilities, and I am very proud to be able to say I have been a follower of his since I was at the tender age of 13; kids at that age don’t always make wise choices, but I sure did when I picked my favorite Raider! I will continue to follow Phil -Fang, and love every minute of it.

  3. I think the raiders was a group to remember. Met them on ther tour In Hawaii. Opputunity to meet all of them. Afriend of mine followed Phil. And I was a follower of Mark. But It was an honor to meet all of them.Will never forget them. Their performances was breathtaken.

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