Album review of Bamboo Trading Company’s eponymous debut album

By Patrick Prince

The Bamboo Trading Company
“The Bamboo Trading Company”
CD Baby (CD)

It’s a fair bet that The Beach Boys’ fans will find The Bamboo Trading Company’s debut album a real pleasure.

Bamboo Trading CompanySongs are well-constructed for the surf genre — the harmonious vocals are perfectly fluid and the music is tight and lively. And as far as the lyrics are concerned, there’s always a fun-loving party right around the corner when the righteous sun and surf go down.

The best of the bunch, however, is the track “Jericho,” because it has a five o’clock shadow to it, complete with sharp guitar work courtesy of David Marks and B. Keith Williams, and a nice sax solo to exemplify it. Then there’s “Shrewd Awakening,” a bit of an exotic sway toward boss nova territory (with all-star vocals from Dean Torrence, Katie Torrence and Jillian Torrence). “Shrewd Awakening” is also one of four tracks used for the soundtrack of a B-movie gem called “The Return of the Killer Shrews.”

The only real wipeout is the track “Tweet (Don’t Talk Anymore).” Much like the rest of the album, the music is well-constructed — the harmonies top-shelf, the framework well-built — but with lyrics like “Lost inside our handhelds forevermore, shoot me an IM, to even the score,” it becomes more cornball than any one person can bear.

A statement on the CD cover recommends that the listener “File Under: New Musical Journey.” The truth is, it’s a journey that many might expect from the genre. However, unlike some of those journeys, The Bamboo Trading Company’s is worth remembering.
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