Review of Garbage’s concert film ‘One Mile High … Live’

“One Mile High … Live”
Eagle Rock Entertainment (DVD or Blu-Ray)

By Ray Sidman

Garbage produced documentaries and music videos with footage from performances, but the band never had a release dedicated solely to a concert until now.Garbage One Mile High

For 90 minutes, the band energetically jams through 20 songs, including many classics and five tracks from the band’s 2012 album, “Not Your Kind of People.” This video was recorded in Denver in 2012 as a part of that tour.

The video has a simple, unpretentious and honest feel to it. The smaller venue offers a more intimate feel. And alhough there are many camera angles throughout, there aren’t as many as other concert videos, nor the flashy montage-esque camera-jumping that often goes with this type of video. Perhaps best of all, the sound sounds like a concert hall, rather than the cleansed, postproduction sound often found in live recordings.

Highlights include the opener, “Automatic Systematic Habit,” “Big Bright World,” “Push It,” and the show-stopping arrangement of “Only Happy When It Rains.”

Also available in Blu-ray ($19.98), the DVD ($14.98) offers extras such as music videos from two songs from “Not Your Kind of People,” mini-documentaries for a handful of the band’s newer songs, and an entertainingly quirky “Pre-Show Warm Up.”

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