Review of Herman Ze German’s ‘Take It As It Comes’

Herman Ze German
“Take It As It Comes”
Dark Star Records (DSR-0039)

By Michael Popke

Herman Rarebell admits he’s best known as the longtime drummer of the Scorpions, from 1977 to 1996. But “Herman Ze German” also has released solo material since 1982. His latest album, “Take It As It Comes,” finds him refusing to age gracefully and backed by almost a dozen vocalists and musicians.

Herman Ze German Take It As It ComesFirst, there’s the arresting album art, featuring an aging couple re-enacting the Scorpions’ “Love at First Sting” cover. Then there’s “Rough Job,” a down ’n’ dirty ode to phone sex sung by raw-voiced Stefan Erz, who handles most vocal duties here — including the country-rocker “I’m Back” and the radio-friendly “Your Love Is Hurting.” Rarebell sings three songs in a voice that falls somewhere between Udo Dirkschneider and Warren Zevon, and a saxophone makes several surprising appearances.

“Take It As It Comes” is a throwback to the Eighties — no surprise, considering Rarebell co-wrote “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” which he revisits here in a modern spoken-word version that doesn’t quite work. Nevertheless, this is a fun record, good for some mindless spins.



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