Review of The ColourSound’s single ‘Guilty For The First Time’ and ‘Hold On’

“Guilty For The First Time” and “Hold On”
The ColourSound

By Mike Greenblatt

It’s hard enough to make it in this business but when you don’t have the promotional push of a big label behind you, it’s nearly impossible. Meet Pennsylvania’s The ColourSound.

The ColourSound CD singleThey got raves for their 2009 Reclaim EP. Now they’re back with two songs that strike a delicate balance between Brit-pop and that nebulous adult-alternative catchphrase.

Vocalist Doug Batt has got the kind of pipes one remembers long after the first listen. A far-reaching tenor voice somewhere between Art Garfunkel and Matthew Bellamy of Muse, his is an effortless high-flying kind of whiteboy soul that meshes well with the understated guitar effects of Sean Hieter, the mellifluous keyboards and bass of Leni and the subservient-to-the-song team-player drummer Pat Wilson.

With Mary Hall on backing vocals (daughter of jazz singer Mercedes Hall), “Guilty For The First Time” is catchy, lyrically poignant and certainly radio-friendly. “Hold On,” a song they’ve road-tested for years, stands up to any of the more celebrated fare out there and that’s just the point. Why ain’t these boys stars? Why isn’t pure talent enough? They’ve been at it since 2004, obviously for the love of the music.

And the music of The ColourSound is easy to love. (

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