State Records keeps it simple

By John M. Borack

UK’s State Records label has a simple mission: “Our main aim is to make records that sound like records used to!” The label’s latest 7” vinyl releases are both testaments to their credo, as they evoke a circa 1966 mod/pop/garage/punk aesthetic.


The Galileo 7’s two sided winner, “One Lie at a Time” b/w “The God of Gaps,” features a couple of snazzy little pop melodies fortified by insidiously catchy lead guitar riffs, organ swells and some of the finest drum bashing since Keith Moon shuffled off this mortal coil. (Kudos to drummer Mole for the perfectly frantic stick work.) The combination of the forceful instrumental attack and the sweet vocal harmonies on both tunes is quite thrilling. The Galileo 7 is led by vocalist/guitarist Allan Crockford, who formerly plied his trade in the semi-legendary 1980s-era UK psych-pop monsters The Prisoners. Oh, and it’s all in glorious mono, of course.


The Jezebels are a trio of young ladies who hail from the southeast coast of England, and their “Black Book” b/w “Cried Over You” debut single finds them visiting the punkier end of the musical spectrum. “Black Book” is the better of the two cuts, as it sounds for all the world like some unholy alliance of Foghat and ZZ Top played at high speed, with vocals that recall The Runaways. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

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