Triumph ‘Greatest Hits’ more pop than plop

Greatest Hits: Remixed
TML Entertainment Inc. (TML-78011-2)
Grade: ★★★★

By Michael Popke

Artists frequently repackage their music with video content these days. But in the case of Triumph’s “Greatest Hits: Remixed” CD/DVD package, the Canadian power trio supplements vintage video footage with a questionable approach to its recorded legacy.

The 13 Triumph classics here (plus an over-the-top cover of “Love Hurts”) slickly combine hard rock, prog, blues and metal, and they now pop with previously unheard clarity, thanks to Rich Chycki’s remix. But Chycki also took unnecessary liberties by tweaking vocals and adding instrumentation, and the results can be disconcerting.

Meanwhile, the DVD contains 11 promo videos full of colorful, striped and horribly dated outfits. But most of them also convey the majesty of Triumph’s heyday, when the band was known for its epic light shows and stage productions.

The four-star rating is for the quality and integrity of Triumph’s music and vision; deduct at least one for the manner in which it is preserved here.

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