U2 DVD set is for completists only

Let Them Be: The Second Chapter
Chrome Dreams (DVDIS020) DVD
Grade: ★

By John Curley

This two-DVD set is a repackage of DVDs that have been released in the past—2008’s “The Rebirth of Cool: U2 in the Third Millennium” and “Achtung Baby: A Classic Album Under Review” from 2006. The set is lacking in so many ways that I barely know where to begin. For starters, why wasn’t “The Rebirth of Cool” DVD updated and expanded to include mention of the most recent U2 album, 2009’s “No Line On The Horizon”? The fact that the DVD doesn’t mention that album at all makes it seem instantly dated. The DVD packaging notes that the set is not authorized by the band, their management, or their label. Consider that a warning to stay away from this DVD set that should be heeded.

Both DVDs appear to feature interviews with the same British and Irish music journalists. While their opinions are somewhat interesting, they would be more balanced if they were matched with fresh interviews with the band for the DVDs. But there are no new interviews with U2 on these DVDs. The interview footage of U2 that is offered is of poor quality and is choppy. And the two main interviews that were featured on “The Rebirth of Cool” DVD—2005 chats with Ed Bradley of CBS News’ 60 Minutes and BBC-TV’s Mariella Frostrup—have probably already been seen by many U2 fans.

Both DVDs in this set are a sloppy mess. Avoid them like the plague. Save your money and wait for a proper, authorized documentary on the band.

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