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Inside the making of The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ Part 3

Abbey Road, if you care for such minute details, would deliver any number of firsts to The Beatles’ legend.

It was the first British Beatles album to be cut away from EMI, by Malcolm Davies, and the first not to be cut by Harry Moss. It was the first single-disc Beatles album to feature more than the usual dozen or so songs, as the medley was broken up on the track listing into no less than 10 separate numbers, and the first to feature two George Harrison songs.

Inside the making of The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ Part 4

Abbey Road is flawless. Lennon may have later claimed that he was wholly opposed to the medley idea, but at the time he was delighted with it.

For he knew, as McCartney did, that it brought a unity to the performance that simply slicing the songs into their composite fragments could never have done. The band sounded like a band again, and it didn’t matter, as McCartney told the London Evening News, that, “We didn’t do harmonies [together] like we used to.”

Reliving a Groovy Time

They came by car, truck, van, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot, and anyway they could, to attend Woodstock. The little hamlet of Bethel, N.Y., swelled from a population of 3,900 to more than 500,000 for that one weekend in August 1969.

Beyond Vinyl: Beatles reel fetches $5893

Going for $5,893, an authentic three-song Abbey Road recording reel was the star of Backstage Auction’s recent The Rockin’ Hot Summer Auction. Received by auction consignor Denny Somach after the “Beatles At Abbey Road” exhibition July through September in 1983, the 10-inch reel (recorded at 7 1/2 IPS) is a dub made direct from the original masters and was made to be played at the exhibition.

Which Beatles collectibles offer the most bang for the buck?

Although in recent months the price of shares and investments have plummeted, the value of rare and collectible vinyl has — like gold — remained firm. This is especially the case at the higher end of the market, and there remains no more collectible band than The Beatles, whose mint records are still hotly desired by collectors around the world. So, what are the top 30 collectible records pressed in the U.K.?