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Goldmine’s Hall of Fame Inductees – Volume 83

The Goldmine Hall of Fame’s initial inductions conclude with two personalities who helped shape radio and TV at the onset of the Rock Era and three managers, whose guidance changed the face of music forever.

Beatlemania: When the Fab Four took over the world

by Dave Thompson — 45 years ago, the phenomenon we know as Beatlemania truly started, and while the band had already been top of the pops in Britain and Europe for more than a year before they arrived in America, it was only with their conquest of America that they could truly take on the world.

The Yardbirds: The Eric Clapton Years Part 4

The year’s-end release of Five Live Yardbirds coincided with The Yardbirds’ most prestigious outing yet — a place on the bill for The Beatles’ Christmas concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon. Backstage, The Yardbirds came face to face with their immediate future, in the form of a quietly spoken young Mancunian named Graham Gouldman, who had written a song he thought they might like.