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Beatlemania: When the Fab Four took over the world

by Dave Thompson — 45 years ago, the phenomenon we know as Beatlemania truly started, and while the band had already been top of the pops in Britain and Europe for more than a year before they arrived in America, it was only with their conquest of America that they could truly take on the world.

The Yardbirds: The Eric Clapton Years Part 4

The year’s-end release of Five Live Yardbirds coincided with The Yardbirds’ most prestigious outing yet — a place on the bill for The Beatles’ Christmas concerts at the Hammersmith Odeon. Backstage, The Yardbirds came face to face with their immediate future, in the form of a quietly spoken young Mancunian named Graham Gouldman, who had written a song he thought they might like.