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Beyond Vinyl: Setting the score straight on sheet music

by Stephen M.H. Braitman — It’s been estimated that between 1900 and 1910, there were 25,000 songs — with sheet music — being published annually. For collectors, there’s an almost infinite well to draw upon. Although the heyday of sheet-music production was before World War II and before records became the preferred method of listening to music, there has been constant publication of sheet music up to the present day. Everyone from Bruce Springsteen to The Sex Pistols has had sheet music published.

Collecting Van Der Graaf Generator 1968-72

Van Der Graaf Generator, wrote the editors of the “New Musical Express Book Of Rock” in 1975, “failed to make much of an impression on [the] British public. However they managed to accrue a small, but dedicated cult following for their heavy, doomy music.” It was not much of an epitaph for what that same small cult following would have declared was one of the most ambitious, adventurous and, above all, challenging rock bands of the early 1970s.