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High Fidelity: TapeLink makes cassette-to-digital transfer easy

I must confess, there was a time back in the 1980s when I forsook my beloved LPs for the convenience of cassette tapes. I had always used cassettes as backups or to play in a car, but as the format packaging got better and more releases were offered with replica artwork and recorded on high-bias tapes, I didn’t think I was losing much. Besides, my shelfs were groaning under the rows of records I had accumulated in my first decade of serious record collecting.

Will Dailey unleashes 'Torrent' of tunes

Will Dailey would be the first to admit he hasn’t got it all figured out, but the Boston-bred singer/songwriter’s Torrent project might just be the thing that changes the music industry for the better. An attempt to break down that wall that’s always separated artist from audience, Torrent is an ongoing project for Dailey, who is aiming, in 2009, to digitally release an EP every three months of songs he’s written and recorded in that time.

Audiophile Glossary

The better your music sounds, the more you’ll listen to it — and enjoy it. This audiophile glossary will help you get familiar with some commonly encountered terms.