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The best non-metal solos of all time

In case you were wondering, here’s what Goldmine writer Martin Popoff and his voting army came up with as the greatest non-metal guitar solos of all time (Can you guess which two Martin snuck in there? Here’s a clue: ZZ T_p and F_ank Za_pa).

Album Review — Frank Zappa: Wazoo

This release documents the last performance by Frank Zappa’s “alternative orchestra” — referred to by Frank as The Mothers Of Invention/Hot Rats/Grand Wazoo — on Sept. 24, 1972, at Boston Music Hall. It’s a fascinating performance that demonstrates once again what a renaissance artist Zappa was, fearless at exploring different musical genres.

Peek inside Frank Zappa’s vaults, part 3

Despite what has already been unearthed from the Vault, some fans have been waiting with bated breath for certain Holy Grail items to emerge (ie. concert film footage of the 1973 Roxy and elsewhere shows, immortalized by the appropriately titled 1974 live record Roxy & Elsewhere). But pleasing rabid fans isn’t always easy. Travers says that the Roxy project, in particular, has been delayed due to the quality of the footage and the cost and time involved in getting it street ready.

Peek inside Frank Zappa’s vaults, part 4

The Zappa Family Trust has certainly positioned itself as the best entity to identify, propagate and ultimately distribute Zappa material throughout the world. In 2008, it turned its sights on some of the most important and impressive work Zappa ever created, recognizing some milestones.

Rare Zappa script in Backstage auction

By itself, a movie script for the ill-fated Frank Zappa film “Billy The Mountain” qualifies as a rare and unusual find. But one with pages and pages of Zappa’s handwritten notes, including the musical score — that’s something else entirely.