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Audiophiles hunt for ‘hot stampers’ at Better Records

How much would you pay for a classic rock record?; the kind that you can find for a few dollars at a used record store or garage sale? Better Records owner Tom Port has built a business around finding the best-sounding copies of such albums, which can sell for hundreds of dollars. He calls such premium-quality vinyl “hot stampers”

Graham Nash holds nothing back, part 2

Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell had linked up in ’68, before the first CSN album was in the can. For more than a year, they lived an idyllic artists’ life and wrote songs about how happy they were. Nash’s “Our House,” with its comfy-cozy, two-cats-in-the-yard scenario, was all about Joni.

Web Exclusive! Sit down with Graham Nash

Songs For Beginners wasn’t the beginning of Graham Nash’s remarkable journey, but it was his first solo album, and coming as it did immediately on the heels of “Teach Your Children,” “Our House” and the Déjà vu album, it’s part of the fabric of a phenomenally rich tapestry: Crosby, Stills and Nash in multi-colored 1970 and ’71.