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Inside the making of The Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ Part 2

Despite such promising beginnings, the sessions were not carefree, at least this early in.

Engineer Phil McDonald informed Lewisohn, “You didn’t want to get involved, but people would be walking out, banging instruments down, not turning up on time and keeping the others waiting three or four hours, then blaming each other for not having rehearsed, or not having played their bit right.”

Which Beatles collectibles offer the most bang for the buck?

Although in recent months the price of shares and investments have plummeted, the value of rare and collectible vinyl has — like gold — remained firm. This is especially the case at the higher end of the market, and there remains no more collectible band than The Beatles, whose mint records are still hotly desired by collectors around the world. So, what are the top 30 collectible records pressed in the U.K.?