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The making of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Let It Bleed’ Part 1

Taken years before Let It Bleed, the photo shows The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones (second from left). Jones’ drug problems and subsequent death prevented him from participating more fully in the making of the album. Prior to his death, Jones had been kicked out of the band. His replacement was Mick Taylor, who played guitar on two Let It Bleed tracks. (Harry Goodwin/Star File – Courtesy of ABKCO)

The making of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Let It Bleed’ Part 3

By the beginning of July, Let It Bleed, as the album was now titled, was heading towards the mixing phase. The sleeve, depicting a cake baked by a friend of the photographer, Delia Smith (later to become one of British TV’s most renowned chefs) and designed by Robert Brownjohn, was in place — indeed, its surreal approximation of a record player had been around since the earliest days of the LP’s genesis, when its working title was Automatic Changer.