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Peek under the covers

Pat Boone singing songs by Fats Domino or Little Richard. Georgia Gibbs copying records by LaVern Baker.
Is there any musical crime more horrible or more likely to unite fans of ’50s music and vintage rock and roll? The very thought of those pale, soulless, watered-down versions of original black music is enough to trigger frothing at the mouth and some familiar rants by ’50s record collectors.

Drum legend Charles Connor keeps on knockin'

No less an authority than James Brown once said of Charles Connor that he “was the first [drummer] to put funk into the rhythm.” Remember that choo-choo train drumming style in Little Richard’s “Good Golly Miss Molly”? That was Connor’s stylistic innovation, and so was the four-bar intro he brought to “Keep A Knockin’” that’s purported to be the first ever on a rock ’n’ roll record. When it comes to percussion, Connor, a native of New Orleans, is a pioneer.