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Roger Waters talks about The Wall on XFM London

Roger Waters recently spoke with XFM London about his upcoming tour which will revisit Pink Floyd’s landmark 1979 album The Wall. In the interview, Waters also discussed his views on social networking as well as the reunion of Pink Floyd for the 2005 Live 8 show in London’s Hyde Park.

Live 8 for the G8 – report from Barrie, Ontario

The Live 8 concerts are over, and the world may never be the same — in a good way. Sir Bob Geldof, responsible for 1985’s Live Aid extravaganza, also spearheaded July 2, 2005’s, Live 8 event. It is hoped the G8 nations meeting in Scotland will agree to cancel the national debt of the many poverty-stricken countries in Africa and increase the continent’s financial and medical assistance. Microsoft’s Bill Gates appeared at Live 8 in London to lend his support and share his hope for better healthcare and a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Nelson Mandela appeared in Johannesburg, South Africa, to echo similar feelings of hope and insight.