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Snapshots: Gene Pitney — gentleman and scholar

At all of his concerts and cabaret performances Gene Pitney had an “open door” policy for the press.

Once Gene met a member of the press, he filed their name and number for his next visit. It was always a joy to answer the phone to hear, “Hi, this is Gene Pitney. I’d like to invite you to my show.”

Marianne Faithfull: The fall and rise of a ’60s icon

“Dude, you won’t believe it. Some 60-year-old woman was singing a Decemberists’ song on David Letterman tonight.” That was the message left on my cell phone by a friend who knows indie rock inside and out but has little use for 60s pop or 60-year-old artists, a 23-year-old for whom the Decemberists are far more relevant than the Rolling Stones.