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Beyond Vinyl: Collectors get stuck on music pins

by Stephen M.H. Braitman — People have been sticking little signs and messages on their shirts for a long time. The origins of pins and pin-backs are lost in the beginnings of the early Industrial Revolution, but by the 19th century, politicians and supporters were actively campaigning all over their bodies.

Always something new in memorabilia field

If a record turns up that you’ve never seen before, there are plenty of references to help identify it. But for most of what makes up the vast, unruly world of music memorabilia, you’re pretty much on your own. Partly what makes this an exciting collecting field is the high frequency of pleasant surprises. Someone’s always discovering something new, whether it’s a boxing-style R&B poster, or an elaborate promo gewgaw, or a record-company photo of a band under a different name, before they became famous.

Beyond Vinyl: Promo swag makes quirky collectibles

by Stephen M.H. Braitman — The world of music promotional items, or swag, has a long and special history. When the music industry started swinging as a commercial force, marketers and publicists took their cue from titans like Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Company. The object, of course, was to spread the brand, make the name known, and sell product.