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Explore the bitter vintage of Moby Grape

Moby Grape Jim Marshall photo courtesy Sony Legacy

Founded in late 1966, Moby Grape had all the elements necessary to ensure stardom. But the Grape’s saga was fraught with disappointment, failed potential, and, in the case of Skip Spence in particular, terrible tragedy.

All hell breaks loose: 1968 in review, Part III

In article/All_hell_breaks_loose_1968_in_review_part_II/”>part II of our look back at 1968, we reviewed the troubling historic events that marked that year, and we began to dive into the music that provided the soundtrack for life after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. In this installment, we take a closer look at the albums that marked the year, from the then-dismissed (but now oft-revered) Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks, to the heartbreak and betrayal Jeff Beck felt over Led Zeppelin I.